Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crossing the Atlantic

After 9 days of shipboard life I have finally reached Spain! US Airways lost my luggage on my flight from Philly to Halifax. Fortunately, it arrived the next morning before I boarded the MV Explorer which is fabulous! I am on the 4th floor with a great view. They clean our room daily and the waiters are wonderful. Perry always remembers Lindsay, Ali & Me and greats us at each meal. The food is a little repetitive but there is also a bar, coffee lounge, and snack lounge. My typical day consists of eating, laying out, going to class, and playing cards with friends. Everyone is really nice and just excited to be on this voyage. My roommate, Tom, and I get along really well and fortunately we are both well organized since the rooms are small. The first 8 days of the voyage consisted of no sign of life, except the Azore Islands which took an hour to pass, as we were encompassed by the Atlantic. The hardest part, aside from not seeing land has been the daily time change and we are now 6 hours ahead of EST.

My classes are going really well. I am taking, Anthropology of Tourism, World Art & History, Psychology, & Global Studies. All of the classes relate to the countries of port we are visiting and it is incredible to see the historical landmarks that I learn about in class. The rigor is nowhere near Cornell and just consists of reading.

As of 8:30 am this morning we were in Cadiz, Spain! I watched the sunrise before ending my past 9 days of AA and went wine tasting. Southern Spain has the largest Sherry production in the world and we toured the oldest single family owned Vineyard in a nearby town. Following the tasting and tour we went to a farm with 350 horses and after touring the area. We watched an hour long horse show which was incredible. Now Lindsay & I are eating lunch outside the Cathedral, which is chiming 4:15pm, located in centre-city and plan to tour Cadiz the remainder of the day. We are going to Seville tomorrow by train and then Cordoba the following day. I leave Cadiz on September 8th and will be in Casablanca, Morocco from September 9th-14th. There are no classes while in port so the next 11 days are going to be amazing. Thank you for following my blog and I will continue to update as excitement ensues.

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