Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hawaii: Spring Break

On December 3rd I arrived in Honolulu at 6:00am.  As I walked around the ship, everyone was on their cell phones calling home and their significant others.  We have finally arrived back in the USA where there is no bargaining, no worrying about water filtration, no translation needed, and the right the a fair and speedy trial should anything go wrong.  My first stop was Pearl Harbor which was an amazing opportunity to see after coming from Hiroshima in Japan.  I watched the short-film on the event leading up the the attack on December 7th, 1941 and the ramifications of the aftermath.  I took the ferry out to the USS Arizona Memorial which is built above the ship that sank.  Being close to the anniversary there were several veterans there doing book signings and preparing for the anniversary on the 7th.  I took the bus back to the ship which $2.50 each way.  Yes no more bargaining which means no more $1 motorbike rides or rickshaw rides.

That afternoon I went to Waikiki Beach and enjoyed the sun and took in some last minute Vitamin D before returning to the frigid East Coast.  I have never been swimming in December, nor worn shorts.  The sun felt great as I enjoyed laying in the sand with my newly purchased Lei from one of the many ABC stores.  That evening I went out and was carded for the first time in my life.  I am so happy to return to the US being 21.  After staying up all night, ending up at a diner at 4am, and watching the sun rise over the harbor, I went directly to Diamond Head Crater with Aveni, Ali, & Liz.  We did the hour long hike to the top after exploring the unexpected farmer's market.  The view from the top was incredible.  We went to the beach afterwards before returning to the ship to go to Hilo for the following two days.

The Posse outside Pearl Harbor

USS Arizona Memorial

Waikiki Beach
The following two days I was in Hilo, Hawaii (The Big Island).  Hilo is laid back and not as commercially developed as Honolulu.  I went to Rainbow Falls which is a large waterfall and hiking trail.  Yes, I did see a rainbow there, but the overall landscape reminded me of Ithaca and how much I miss swimming in the gorges.  The afternoon I saw two movies with Liz, Sophie, Aveni, & Ali.  For only $1.50 each we saw Easy A and You Again.  The town of Hilo is quaint and filled with little shops including the best candy store ever which a large array of chocolates, jelly beans, sour candies, and even alcoholic candy.  I purchased peppermint bark and chocolate covered honey comb and ate it as I walked around the downtown area.  Hilo does not have a typical tourist beach, instead the coastline is filled with turtles nesting and lots of black sand beaches.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow at Rainbow Falls

Swinging from a Tree

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